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Personal e-mails as a marketing vehicle?

Each person in your organization is submitting in average 10 personal e-mails to external business contacts each and every working day. If your company employs 500 people the volume of personal e-mails to external contacts will be in the magnitude … Continue reading

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The European challenge (one of them..)

Europe is a very fragmented market for almost anything. Most established companies have found ways to manage the many languages, cultures, tastes, behaviours, differences in legislation and other characteristics that makes Europe such a difficult and expensive place to do … Continue reading

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The World is Flat

First posted: 16-08-2007 In his recent book “The World is Flat” Thomas L. Friedman reviews the consequences of the ever increasing capacity of the Internet. Particularly the improved communication bandwith between The USA and The Far East as well as … Continue reading

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My blog is now using WordPress

I just migrated to WordPress. My previous posts will be reposted in the coming months.

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