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Apple OS X Lion

I am a convert. April 2009 was the month where I received my MacBook Pro. After 23 years with a PC and Windows I decided it was time for a change. The possibility of running Windows on the Mac (using … Continue reading

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The four types of consulting

Which type of consulting do you provide? There are many types of consulting.  The way you promote your consulting services, the way you generate leads, the way you sell and the way you deliver depend heavily on the type of … Continue reading

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Technokrati claim

This is a technical/administrative post with the objective of being recognized by Technokrati. 9D347RBFBN4F

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Was the IT industry exciting and predictable?

I came across an interesting post on Business Insider claiming that the IT industry used to be exciting and predictable! As you get older you also tend to get a bit nostalgic. “The good old days”. Claiming that the IT … Continue reading

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The 6 rules to make you stand out from the crowd

“I am sorry for the delay, but I have been very busy lately”. I assume we have all had this excuse from someone missing a deadline. A deadline he or she voluntarily committed to. It can be a client who … Continue reading

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