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Is There a Recipe for Success?

I make reflections on this subject because, while I wrote the book 5,460 Miles from Silicon [...]

About Artificial Intelligence

That the outcome of an AI-powered system is systematically incorrect doesn't make it useless.

Celebrating Nineteen Years on LinkedIn – What Did I Learn?

In the beginning, I thought LinkedIn was a digital version of my personal network. I [...]

On social media, you get more of what you comment

Commenting on a post is the same as telling the social medium that the topic [...]

International Bestsellers – Marketing 3

This is the eighth article in a series on how I produce international bestsellers. This [...]

International Bestsellers – Distribution

This is the fourth article in a series describing how I produce international bestsellers. This [...]

How Navision Cracked the North American Market

A small Danish software company, PC&C, founded in 1984, originally developed Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now [...]

When I Was Among Denmark’s Most Influential People

When you are in a job and consider taking on a new one, it's because [...]

Preparing for 2022: It is sandbagging time again – are you ready?

Accepting a budget you don’t believe in brings you into a psychological mode of proving [...]

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How the Value of a Reseller Channel Can Be Counted in Billions

When a customer implemented an ERP solution from Navision, only ten per cent went for [...]

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