Tumult in Mecca

It’s 1979. Baby boomer Henrik Bertelsen is an economist at the Ministry of Labour. Twice a week, he teaches macroeconomics at the local university. He is married to English Sammy, and they are busy establishing a co-housing community in North Zealand. They are also adopting a child from Indonesia. What he needs most is a period of undisturbed stability. If he gets that, his career as a civil servant seems safe.

Out of the blue, he’s asked to renovate and manage hospital kitchens in Saudi Arabia. Henrik’s inner adventurer awakens, and with a short leave of absence from the ministry, he grabs the chance. The project intensifies, and suddenly, he finds himself amid an armed religious uprising in Mecca. Trapped between rebels and the police, he is in trouble.

He manages to escape and is rushed out of the country. When an American computer company tempts him with a generously paid job, his life will soon take off in an entirely different direction.

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It is an excellent book! I felt thoroughly entertained and sensed Henrik Bertelsen sitting next to me, telling me about his remarkable experiences.

Rikke Sommer

Henrik Bertelsen is a child of the ’60s who seeks a balance between his ideals and his adventurous spirit. Building co-housing communities and making adoptions are costly, and money must be made. His reflections, quirky analyses, and practical approach to his work at the ministry and the project in the Middle East create a highly entertaining narrative.

Tine Curtis

“Tumult in Mecca” combines elements of historical fiction, business development, cultural exploration, and personal growth, making it a compelling read for those interested in these themes. It is both fun and exciting. Hard to put down.

Per Steen Pedersen

Seize the Opportunity

Despite being busy at the ministry, lecturing at the local university, setting up a co-housing community, and preparing for an adoption, the protagonist, baby boomer Henrik Bertelsen, embarks on a business adventure in Saudi Arabia.

When he is asked to renovate the canteens at the University of Mecca, he gets caught up in an armed religious uprising, where he represents the bad guys.

The adventure changes his life.

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