Building Successful Partner Channels

If you have enough money, sell directly. If you have enough time, you cn build a reseller channel.

Per Pedersen, SVP Uniconta.

Serving your customers through resellers (normally called business partners) is the preferred go-to-market approach in the IT-industry.

It is easy to understand why. You look at all the big players and can see how their huge reseller channels employ thousands of people engaged with their products without being on their payroll. What’s not to like?

While it is straight forward to build your own business development, marketing and sales organisation, it always turns out to more difficult than expected to recruit resellers and motivate them to grow with your product.

This presentation, which is based on my bestseller of the same name and also spiced with numerous examples, describes what it takes to succeed. I explain the fundamental differences between the direct and the indirect distribution model and present a simple model for how to make it attractive for the partners to play along.

Duration: 45 minutes plus time for Q&A
Price: €2.125 plus travel expenses and VAT where applicable.
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