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I started blogging in August 2007 and started using WordPress in February 2008. Since then I have written more than 1.000 posts primarily about business development, marketing and sales in the information technology industry.

In October 2010 we started blogging over at TBK Consult and later we also created a dedicated blog for independent management consultants at our TBK Consult Holding web site. All these web sites have been consolidated and I now do all my blogging on our new blog. The world doesn’t stand still and consolidating all blogging in just one place makes a lot of sense for us.

Hans-Peter Bech SmallIf you find my writing valuable then you may want to follow me on LinkedIn where I publish and post regularly.

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About Hans Peter Bech

Hans Peter Bech is an Amazon bestselling author. He is a frequent blogger on issues related to growing software driven companies to global market leadership and has written several books and numerous whitepapers on business development in the software industry. Hans Peter also facilitates workshops for commercial professionals in the TBK Academy® and is an advisor for governments and private companies. Hans Peter holds a M.Sc. in macroeconomics and political science from the University of Copenhagen.
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