Business Model Management in the Information Technology Industry

The objective of the workshop “Business Model Management in the Information Technology Industry” is to give information technology business development, marketing, sales and other revenue generating professionals a personal toolbox for growing their companies systematically and achieving global leadership in their selected market segments.

The workshop will provide frameworks and tools, which the attendees can implement immediately in their personal work and/or across the teams where they operate.

Today’s markets are not conquered with excellent products, but with excellent business models. The statement “Build it, and they will come” unfortunately doesn’t apply to the vast majority of companies in the information technology industry.

Since publishing the book “Business Model Generation” in 2010 Alexander Osterwalder has been setting the standards for what a business model is and what it takes to develop, document and test business models. Osterwalder’s Business Model framework is extremely lean and operational. It is designed to enable teams of people to execute projects based on a common perception of means and objectives (aligned).

However, adding yellow stickers to a poster on the wall doesn’t change the world.

Next workshop: 9-10 March, Copenhagen, Denmark

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