5,460 Miles from Silicon Valley

 One of the Best Documented Entrepreneurial Case Studies in the software industry

 5,460 Miles from Silicon Valley reveals the full story of two of Denmark’s undisputed business successes – from cradle to adolescence. It reveals an industry that is completely unpredictable, where strategies do not necessarily lead to success.

But it’s also a tale of people, ambitions, and resourcefulness. How to pursue your dreams and build a successful business up from scratch  – in one of the smallest markets in the world.


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 An obvious case story for all business and management schools. And for practitioners.

Freddie B. Jørgensen / Management consultant

 A textbook for everyone who deals with entrepreneurship and business in general.

Ole Møller-Jensen / Regional – President, Danfoss

 This is a true, detailed and honest story. Should be mandatory reading for any entrepreneur.

Werner Valeur / Investor & Entrepreneur

 Navision did just that!

How do you build and manage a channel of more than 2,000 resellers serving over 100,000 customers across 30 countries? From a small corner of the world where English isn’t the main language.

When Microsoft took over in 2002, the total turnover of and around Navision’s products was in the order of DKK 17 billion (USD 3.4B) and the entire ecosystem employed over 20,000 people.

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