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Fascinating stories delivered as videos, podcasts, e-books, articles and whitepapers capture your customers’ attention. Both now and in the future. Building a content base with relevant keywords will keep generating more and more traffic to your website and leads to your pipeline.

No one can buy from you unless they know that you exist and are convinced that you offer something of value to solve a problem that they have.

Building brand awareness is a tough job, but developing content that your potential customers find as they look for solutions to their problems is an excellent way to help fill the funnel at the top. It is called inbound marketing and requires SEO-friendly content that makes an impression and spurs action.

Most companies have a hard time producing engaging content. They always fall back on writing about themselves and their products. That’s what I call propaganda. Propaganda isn’t engaging.

I write fascinating stories about the problems your customers face and how your products and services deliver value. I write primarily in my own name and use a personal and often retrospective narrative style. The stories are packaged as articles, e-books, web text, customer stories, whitepapers and podcasts/videos. In Danish and English. For both languages, I have skilled proofreaders who ensure the quality of the finished product. I can also design illustrations and chose pictures matching the content.

You will find examples of my productions here:

Web text: Damgaard Company
Whitepapers: TBK Consult
Videos: Microsoft
e-books: Bilagscan
Case stories: Leman
Articles: QBS Group, Scifeon, Rambase, Fotoware, Scalepoint, and Uniconta
Case stories: Leman and Rosendahl
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