On-site Customised Workshops

The Challenges

You run a software company and have a great product. However, you find that your market penetration capabilities are inadequate. Your potential is unfulfilled. You have an idea of what’s wrong but must discuss the assumptions with your team and ensure they take ownership of the issues and potential solutions. 

Objective and Outcome

A workshop facilitated by me can help you identify and fix revenue growth, international expansion, and channel management issues.

At the end of the workshop, we will have developed and documented an action plan with items aimed at fixing the issues.

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Your Workshop Facilitator

Hans Peter Bech

I have facilitated international business development workshops using various formats for over ten years. The current customised format offers the client the most value.


The workshop is timeboxed to two days with two three-hour modules per day.


The agenda is client-specific. You will brief me on your situation, challenges, and objectives through one or more web meetings. I will draft the agenda based on your input and my independent research.

Workshop Prerequisites

The workshop assumes experience with general business financial concepts such as revenue generation, cost of goods sold, operational expenses and return on investment considerations.

Number of Participants

There is no limit on the number of participants. However, more than ten attendees are not recommended.


The client provides the workshop facilities, including food, beverages and an appropriate room with a projector and whiteboards.

Workshop fee

Denmark:                            EUR 8.750
Europe:                               EUR 9.500
Rest of the world:               Please ask.

Fees are net before taxes.

What others have said about my workshops

“We have engaged Hans Peter Bech to assist us with our international business development activities. His book Going Global on a Shoestring offers great inspiration, and his experience with market development for vertical enterprise software is very valuable to us.”

Tue Høilund-Carlsen 

“As our software is needed worldwide, we have asked Hans Peter Bech to assist us in designing our global go-to-market strategy.”

Gregorio Navarra 

“Scifeon is a young software company that helps laboratories worldwide improve productivity and data management. We have engaged Hans Peter Bech to help design our global go-to-market strategy.”

Thomas P. Boesen