Running a workshop with me offers several benefits, especially on issues related to the software industry’s challenges with international business development and channel management.

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The objective of engaging me to run workshops is always to facilitate change and accelerate transformation. I have done this for decades and have substantial experience acting as a catalyst for change, challenging existing paradigms and encouraging participants to think and operate differently. This is especially useful where shifting mindsets and practices are crucial to success.

I tailor the workshops to address your specific challenges and the goals for your organisation. I bring expertise in software industry revenue generation challenges, providing participants with relevant knowledge and skills immediately applicable to your and the participants’ needs.

I bring extensive experience dealing with the challenges of growing fast when you only have a small team and tiny budgets. This experience can be invaluable in helping the participants develop more effective problem-solving strategies specific to their situation.

Being external to the organisation, I provide broad industry expertise, objective insights, and unbiased feedback. This is particularly useful for identifying blind spots and areas for improvement.