Building Successful Partner Channels

  The bestselling book about building and managing reseller channels in the B2B software industry

  Even small software companies can build powerful independent channel partner networks – if they understand the fundamentals.

The crucial difference between doing business direct and indirect is hidden in the business model of the resellers. B2B software companies and their resellers have completely different value propositions and business models.

The channel approach is all about understanding and supporting the resellers’ business model.


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 Concise and Pertinent

This is a brilliant book and no wonder it became a bestseller!


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 A Practical Guide

I have never seen such helpful and practical material about the partner channel in our specific industry.


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Well Organised and Focused

The book provides a clear framework for approaching modern channel sales for B2B software companies.

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I started building independent channel partner networks in 1986.

Coming from a small domestic market we were forced to build international channel partner networks very early in the lifecycle of the startup where I was responsible for revenue generation.

We also had to do it with very little resources. I learned that money doesnt subsitute ingenuity.


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