I deliver keynotes about international business development, revenue generation and channel management in the software industry.

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Using me as the keynote speaker at your next event can bring a range of benefits:

I bring fresh perspectives and expertise specific to the software industry. I challenge existing beliefs and encourage attendees to think differently. This can be particularly useful in driving innovation, adapting to change, and overcoming organisational inertia.

My keynotes are tailored to your specific challenges and the goals and themes of your event. This customisation ensures the content is relevant and directly applicable to your audience.

Being outside the organisation, I am not influenced by its internal dynamics. This allows me to provide objective viewpoints, which can be crucial in addressing sensitive or challenging topics.

My keynotes stress and give examples of how small teams on tiny budgets can achieve massive results. This can be particularly effective in team-building events or organisational change initiatives.

For global business development, I provide insights into foreign markets, enhancing cultural competence and understanding of international business practices.

I bring a wealth of software industry knowledge and experience, making my presentations an educational opportunity for professional development.