Keynote: 5,460 Miles from Silicon Valley

From left: Preben Damgaard, Hans Peter Bech and Erik Damgaard

The story about how Damgaard and Navision grew from a good idea to a billion-dollar company with over 2,000 resellers serving over 100,000 customers across 30 countries is truly inspirational.

It all happened over the course of 18 years and during a time when the environment underwent extreme disruption.

The story covers all business growth aspects, from domestic presence to global leadership. Challenges associated with organisational growth, handling team conflicts, developing and motivating channel partners and mitigating conflicts among them, performing product management, entering foreign markets, making joint ventures with large corporations, navigating a rapidly changing environment, issuing an initial public offering (IPO), merging with your competitor, and being acquired by Microsoft.

Based on my book of the same name, I can tailor my keynote to highlight almost any issue associated with managing international growth in the software industry.

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Hans Peter Bech

I have delivered keynotes on international business development in the software industy using various formats for over ten years. The current customised format offers the client the most value.

Engaging me as a keynote speaker will serve several valuable purposes:

  • Expertise and Authority: I am known as an authority on international business development in the B2B software industry. Sharing my knowledge will add credibility to your event and provide valuable insights to your audience.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: I am skilled at delivering inspiring and motivational speeches. I can energise and uplift the audience, leaving a lasting impact and a sense of motivation to act.
  • Fresh Perspective: As an external speaker, I can bring a fresh perspective to your event. I offer unique industry-specific viewpoints, innovative ideas, and trends your audience hasn’t encountered.
  • Networking Opportunities: I have an extensive network and connections in the software industry. Having me at your event can provide attendees with valuable networking opportunities.
  • Entertainment Value: I am also an entertainer. I engage and captivate the audience with my storytelling and humour, making the event more enjoyable.
  • Focus and Alignment: As a skilled keynote speaker, I can help set the tone and focus of your event. I align my presentation with your event’s goals and themes, ensuring the audience takes away the intended message.
  • Education and Learning: I bring in-depth industry-specific experience and insights if your event aims to educate and inform.

In addition to my keynote, you can give each attendee a copy of my bestselling book, 5,460 Miles from Silicon ValleyThe In-depth Case Study of What Became Microsoft’s First Billion Dollar Acquisition Outside the USA.

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