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Revenue Generation Fundamentals

It’s a revenue generation engineering handbook for B2B software companies with great products but tiny budgets.

It takes you through all the disciplines you must master to design and implement programs and activities, resulting in stable and predictable revenue growth.

It offers terminology and methods that, applied across your small organisation, will increase the probability of success.

Money doesn’t substitute ingenuity.

And that is why small companies out-innovate big companies. But having innovative products or services doesn’t guarantee success. You also need an innovative revenue generation approach.

Reading this book will give you that.

Planned availability: Autumn 2024

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5,460 Miles from Silicon Valley


Entertaining and informative case study of entrepreneurial success

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in business or entrepreneurship. As many have stated, it could easily be a case study or mandatory reading for business and management schools.”

Amazon Reader Review

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I write posts about business development, management consulting, politics, books, publishing, travel, and other exciting subjects.

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Applying Artificial Intelligence

I am happy to announce that my other publishing brand, TBK Publishing, in cooperation with [...]

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Designing Effective Revenue Generation Processes for B2B Software

In the over forty years I have been working with revenue generation for B2B software [...]

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Celebrating my 20th LinkedIn Anniversary

On this very day, January 28, 2024, I am celebrating my 20th anniversary on LinkedIn. [...]

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Is There a Recipe for Success?

I make reflections on this subject because, while I wrote the book 5,460 Miles from Silicon [...]

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