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Celebrating my 20th LinkedIn Anniversary

On this very day, January 28, 2024, I am celebrating my 20th anniversary on LinkedIn. [...]

On social media, you get more of what you comment

Commenting on a post is the same as telling the social medium that the topic [...]

Celebrating Nineteen Years on LinkedIn – What Did I Learn?

In the beginning, I thought LinkedIn was a digital version of my personal network. I [...]

International Bestsellers – Marketing 1

This is the sixth article in a series describing how I produce international bestsellers. This [...]

Thought Leadership – Generating Inbound Leads on a Shoestring Budget

The quick 10-step shoestring process for becoming a thought leader within your subject matter domain [...]

Reaching the 30,000 connections limit on LinkedIn – now what?

In this article, I answer these three questions: How did I reach 30,000 connections on [...]

What I learned from writing over 200 articles on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Publishing is a peripheral supplement to my content marketing activities. It is not the [...]


The ignorant customer and the unfortunate salesman?

It is easy to jump to the conclusion that potential customers that don’t get it [...]

Why I now have a Facebook page for my readers

Having conversations with your current and potential readership is a great way to promote a [...]

How LinkedIn made me a bestselling author

When I joined LinkedIn in 2004 I was not in a situation where I personally [...]

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