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The four main jobs in the creation of a bestselling book

Being an indie publisher does not mean that you can skip any part of the [...]

I Don’t Sell Anything

Selling management consulting is a relationship business. Without bilateral, trusting relationships there will be no [...]

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Slow down – it’s not your business

As a management consultant you have to take responsibility for the outcome of the process you [...]

Proposals Are the Last Thing You Do

I now realized the advantage I had in proposal writing. It was never about me. [...]

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I’m Sorry I Broke Your Company – Another Problem with Management Consulting

"I'm Sorry" is not the traditional academic thesis based on years of "research" which characterize [...]

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Management Consulting Essentials: SPIN Selling

If there is one sales approach that an independent management consultant should master, my recommendation [...]


Management Consulting Essentials: The Quest for Certainty

If everything is running according to schedule, you are ahead of your budgets, you are [...]


Management Consulting Essentials: Delivery

The 7-step model is simply a framework enabling the management consultant to work structured and [...]


Management Consulting Essentials: Client references

This is the 11th post in a series of posts addressing the issue that too [...]


Management Consulting Essentials: Negotiating the price and payment terms.

This is the 10th post in a series of posts addressing the issue that too [...]


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