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How Navision Cracked the North American Market

A small Danish software company, PC&C, founded in 1984, originally developed Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now [...]

The differences between the direct and the indirect go to market approaches

Using an indirect go-to-market approach means finding, recruiting and managing independent companies that find, win, make, keep [...]

Why you should charge for coffee with someone you don’t know

Do you accept all invitations for coffee? Maybe you should consider if this is best [...]

I’m Sorry I Broke Your Company – Another Problem with Management Consulting

"I'm Sorry" is not the traditional academic thesis based on years of "research" which characterize [...]


The Fifth Perspective

This post is claiming a need for a fifth perspective in business leadership. The management [...]


Apple OS X Lion

I am a convert. April 2009 was the month where I received my MacBook Pro. [...]

The four types of consulting

This post explains the 4 types of consulting as they are defined by David H. [...]


Was the IT industry exciting and predictable?

Claiming that the IT industry used to be exciting and predictable is a distortion of [...]

What is management consulting?

Management consulting indicates both the industry and practice of helping organizations improve their performance primarily [...]

Should we rush to the Cloud?

To quote Churchill: "Don't trust statistics that you haven't made yourself" A survey made by [...]

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