Internet Radio Rocks

ASFEver listen to Internet Radio?

Moving back to Denmark from Germany in 2001 I really missed listening to SWR1.  Great music, commentary and Verkehrsmeldungen (Stau, Stau, Stau).  One evening I did a little surfing on the net and there it was! SWR1 to be streamed directly to my speakers in Hillerød, Denmark.  Since then I have been a mega consumer of Internet radio.

Some time ago I came across the Atlantic Sound Factory and this is now my favorite station.  By making small donations you get CD quality sound through your media player of choice without any commercial interference.

If you like mainstream R&R, blended with some classical oldies and some new stuff, ASF is a super choice.

The Atlantic Sound Factory sends from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA and as I write this post 1.400 computers are tuned in to the station.