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Designing Effective Revenue Generation Processes for B2B Software

In the over forty years I have been working with revenue generation for B2B software [...]

When I Was Among Denmark’s Most Influential People

When you are in a job and consider taking on a new one, it's because [...]

How Navision Cracked the North American Market

A small Danish software company, PC&C, founded in 1984, originally developed Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now [...]

The Difference Between Business Development and Sales

Business development, marketing and sales are business processes just like R&D, G&A, manufacturing and logistics.

How will you know if a certain sales approach will work or not?

You will have to continue to test, measure and test because the markets move all [...]

The ignorant customer and the unfortunate salesman?

It is easy to jump to the conclusion that potential customers that don’t get it [...]

Slow down – it’s not your business

As a management consultant you have to take responsibility for the outcome of the process you [...]

If you never receive inbound inquiries then there is something terribly wrong

Being in a market where potential customers are looking for what we offer, but never [...]

Why you should charge for coffee with someone you don’t know

Do you accept all invitations for coffee? Maybe you should consider if this is best [...]

Management Consulting Essentials: The objectives

This is the 6th post in a series of post addressing the issue that too [...]


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