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How will you know if a certain sales approach will work or not?

You will have to continue to test, measure and test because the markets move all [...]

Going Global on a Shoestring

"How long is a shoestring?" asked Rick Pizzoli when he first heard about the title [...]

The Friendly Orange Glow: The Untold Story of the Rise of Cyberculture

The story about PLATO is not only interesting, but it will also teach you a [...]

Did Mckinsey & Company Kill Swissair?

All had been well until the early 1990s, when consultants McKinsey & Company recommended that [...]

The ignorant customer and the unfortunate salesman?

It is easy to jump to the conclusion that potential customers that don’t get it [...]

Slow down – it’s not your business

As a management consultant you have to take responsibility for the outcome of the process you [...]

Proposals Are the Last Thing You Do

I now realized the advantage I had in proposal writing. It was never about me. [...]


Predictable Prospecting: How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline

The book is a "must read" for all business development, marketing, sales and other revenue [...]

An Idea That Eventually Turned Out to Be Worth $1.45B

Improving something that already exists by making it easier to use, less expensive, faster to [...]

Curb Appeal – Why It Doesn’t Say Anything about the Interior

All companies have all kinds of issues all the time. The perfectly running company doesn't [...]

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