Internet Radio Rocks


Ever listen to Internet Radio?

Moving back to Denmark from Germany in 2001 I really missed listening to SWR1.  Great music, commentary and Verkehrsmeldungen (Stau, Stau, Stau).  One evening I did a little surfing on the net and there it was! SWR1 to be streamed directly to my speakers in Hillerød, Denmark.  Since then I have been a mega consumer of Internet radio.

Some time ago I came across the Atlantic Sound Factory and this is now my favourite station. By making a small monthly donation you get CD-quality sound through your media player of choice (Sonos) without any commercial interference.

If you like mainstream R&R, blended with some classic oldies and some new stuff, ASF is a superb choice.

The Atlantic Sound Factory sends from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA and as I write this post 1.400 computers are tuned in to the station.


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