iPad – I like it.

ipad 1I got my iPad 4 weeks ago through our office in Germany (not out in Denmark yet). I took it with me on my vacation to Croatia and Italy and am exited about the Ding.

It is great for browsing the Internet, reading news services, blogging, and checking your e-mails when out of the office. I used it all the time and rarely touched my MacBook or iPhone.

Now I’m back in the office and spend most of my time on the MacBook doing my work stuff. I usually take a 15 min break every hour when I am doing office work just to clear the head. Having a coffee or a banana on the terrace I prefer to use the iPad to catch up on news pieces and check the next to-do on the task list. I am using Basecamp for project management and the Headquarters APP for the iPad/iPhone is a super tool to peep into Basecamp.

I chose the 3G version of the iPad and will move my Data SIM card over as soon as the MicroSIM cutter, which I have ordered in the Netherlands, arrive.

18 months ago I was a PC/Windows man. Today I am all Apple. I still find the Microsoft Office applications superior to the equivalent Apple applications and do even switch to the Windows versions (on the Mac using Parallels) from time to time.

I have also ordered the iPhone4 mainly to get the HD video facility. I took 10 times more video on this years vacation thanks to the video facility in iOS4. It is just so easy and is super integrated with iPhoto and iMovie.

I think Apple is doing a great job of providing products which sort of become your friends. They are not just work tools – they become like companions. Apple is in my mind creating products with a soul.

Only drawback is the lack of support for Flash on the iOS. You do get quite some black boxes on web sites due to this. The excellent music service Musicovery will not work at all as it apparently is all Flash. But what the heck, ASF plays happily on the IPhone as well as the Ipad.

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