Helly-Hansen and online shopping – a sad experience

Helly HansenI am a passionate skier.  But my ski dress needs to be replaced.  I bought my ski jacket in New Zealand in 1995.  It’s a Columbia and it has served me well.  The ski pants was bought in Århus in Denmark in 1996 and they are Helly Hansen.

Coming back from 8 fantastic days in the Austrian mountains I wanted to execute my intention and went on the Internet.

I decided to take a look at Helly Hansen, because my Helly Hansen  ski pants hardly showed any wear and tear although they had been in operation for over 10 years.

I quickly found Helly Hansen and I also found a jacket that I was prepared to purchase.  But buying it was impossible!  No online shopping with Helly Hansen.  They provided a few links to online stores, but they did’t link to the product that I wanted to purchase.  They just linked to the front page of the online store, which also carried competitive brands as well.

I spend at least half an hour trying to find the jacket of my life – no luck.

Are they crazy in Norway or what?  Why can’t I purchase directly with Helly Hansen and get the product that I fancy?

Helly Hansen: Help me! I don’t understand and I want that jacket!

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