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How Navision Cracked the North American Market

A small Danish software company, PC&C, founded in 1984, originally developed Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now [...]

The four main jobs in the creation of a bestselling book

Being an indie publisher does not mean that you can skip any part of the [...]

Preparing for 2022: It is sandbagging time again – are you ready?

Accepting a budget you don’t believe in brings you into a psychological mode of proving [...]


How the Value of a Reseller Channel Can Be Counted in Billions

When a customer implemented an ERP solution from Navision, only ten per cent went for [...]

My recipe for making international bestsellers

This is the first article in a series that describes how I made several international [...]

Thought Leadership – Generating Inbound Leads on a Shoestring Budget

The quick 10-step shoestring process for becoming a thought leader within your subject matter domain [...]

Reaching the 30,000 connections limit on LinkedIn – now what?

In this article, I answer these three questions: How did I reach 30,000 connections on [...]

The Difference Between Business Development and Sales

Business development, marketing and sales are business processes just like R&D, G&A, manufacturing and logistics.

I Don’t Sell Anything

Selling management consulting is a relationship business. Without bilateral, trusting relationships there will be no [...]


What I learned from writing over 200 articles on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Publishing is a peripheral supplement to my content marketing activities. It is not the [...]


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