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The Channel in Your Value Proposition

In the video, I discuss how can you design your value propositions to release the [...]

When to Choose an Indirect Channel and When to go Direct?

I the video I discuss the principles for when we can choose the indirect approach [...]

Software Industry Conference 2016

In this industry it is not enough to get the good ideas – you need [...]

The successful turnaround of Secunia, part 3

Picking the right person and getting the right team into the right seats on the [...]


The successful turnaround of Secunia, part 2

There were many surprises and setbacks on the road, but acting swiftly and correcting failures [...]


The successful turnaround of Secunia, part 1

Colsted and his team knew that expecting resellers to invest in lead generation at this [...]


The two main information technology channel challenges for 2016

Your product is a crucial part of your business model, but there are other building [...]

Building Successful Partner Channels – the video series

Microsoft has asked TBK Consult to provide tutorial content on how to overcome the challenges with building [...]

This formula will make your channel partners successful

P&L issues are the responsibility of CEOs and business unit managers and will require that [...]

The differences between the direct and the indirect go to market approaches

Using an indirect go-to-market approach means finding, recruiting and managing independent companies that find, win, make, keep [...]

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