Software Industry Conference 2016

I have been invited to deliver the closing keynote presentation at the Software Industry Conference in Bussum, the Netherlands on March 17th 2016.

The title of my keynote is:

Selling Information Technology in the 21st Century

I will prepare my keynote in an open source format sharing the issues I will address.

I will also take questions from the industry that you would like to hear my perspective on and maybe see included in the presentation.

SINC logoYou will have to attend the conference to get the final results before they get published as part of the conference proceedings and become publicly available.

Attend the conference because in this industry it is not enough to get the good ideas – you need to get them before everyone else makes them common best practise. Find and use the differentiators that can get you to the market leadership position – the only comfortable position in our industry.

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About Hans Peter Bech

Hans Peter Bech is an Amazon bestselling author. He is a frequent blogger on issues related to growing software driven companies to global market leadership and has written several books and numerous whitepapers on business development in the software industry. Hans Peter also facilitates workshops for commercial professionals in the TBK Academy® and is an advisor for governments and private companies. Hans Peter holds a M.Sc. in macroeconomics and political science from the University of Copenhagen.
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