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It is sandbagging time again – are you ready?

Accepting a budget we don’t believe in brings us into a psychological mode of proving [...]

The magic happens when you want to make the world a better place!

When Özlem launched in April 2015 just a few months before the summer break she didn’t [...]

The 6+4 habits that will make you stand out from the crowd

Trustworthiness is the most crucial character trait in any relationship. All other virtues fade in [...]

If you never receive inbound inquiries then there is something terribly wrong

Being in a market where potential customers are looking for what we offer, but never [...]

“The Navision Model” was born when IBM said no thanks

PC&C GmbH became a huge success for both Navision and for the three founder. It [...]


How getting fired advanced my career

Considering my next assignment as a project rather than a job has worked very well [...]


How Focusing on The Results Can Make You Blind

The front office of our business model (business development, marketing and sales) are “business processes” [...]

How LinkedIn made me a bestselling author

When I joined LinkedIn in 2004 I was not in a situation where I personally [...]

The price is what we pay – the value is what we get

The exact same product can produce very different levels of value depending on how the [...]

Sales is Not a Dead Profession – it Has Just Changed Quite a Bit

A surprisingly large number of senior (sales) executives do not read many books. If you only [...]

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