Personal e-mails as a marketing vehicle?

emailEach person in your organization is submitting in average 10 personal e-mails to external business contacts each and every working day.

If your company employs 500 people the volume of personal e-mails to external contacts will be in the magnitude of 1.000.000 each year.

If you ask your marketing manager how much he would have to pay for 1.000.000 impressions in various media the answer will be: Not less than € 25.000.

My question is: Why don’t companies take advantage of their personal e-mails as a marketing channel?

Note: I am involved with selling eMailSignature, a software solution, which allows business and organizations to manage the layout and content of e-mail signatures. It often puzzles me that even marketing managers haven’t thought of using the (FREE!!) e-mails as a marketing channel.

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