Management Consulting Productivity

We must constantly improve our productivity

How do you ensure that you constantly improve speed, quality, value and price/performance in your consulting services?

In short: How do you deliver more, at a lower price with a higher profit?

I find most of the management consulting industry terribly old fashioned. I have the impression that most management consultants are dinosaurs with very little feel for internal innovation. The adoption of new technology and thinking in the management consulting industry is slow.

It is the good old “Partner, sr. consultant, consultant, jr. consultant, trainee” hierarchy where we grow volume and margin through leveraging. Too many old style offices, too many meetings, too many face2face interviews, too many surveys, too many Word documents, too many PowerPoints, too many workshops, too much marketing fluff, too much “old-boys-network”.

I believe we as an industry have an obligation to be more innovative. We must embrace new technology in our working methods. Not only to become more productive, but also to “invent” new ways of serving our clients.

With the ever increasing pace of changes in the global markets, we – the management consulting industry – must reinvent ourselves and use new technology to deliver more, faster, at a more competitive price and with a higher profit for ourselves.

Do you have any thoughts on this challenge?

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