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Did Mckinsey & Company Kill Swissair?

All had been well until the early 1990s, when consultants McKinsey & Company recommended that [...]

An Idea That Eventually Turned Out to Be Worth $1.45B

Improving something that already exists by making it easier to use, less expensive, faster to [...]

Curb Appeal – Why It Doesn’t Say Anything about the Interior

All companies have all kinds of issues all the time. The perfectly running company doesn't [...]

Key Considerations for the Direct vs. Indirect Go-to-Market Approach

In the video, I discuss the main difference between the direct and the indirect go-to-market [...]

Channel Partner Recruitment from Early Stage to Late Stage

In the video, I discuss the process for channel partner recruitment from early stage to [...]

Nine Steps to a Successful 2019

One of the biggest time savings I have achieved comes from the decision to set [...]

Developing and Maintaining a Channel Partner Program

In the video, I discuss the channel partner program and the design principles we should [...]

The Channel in Your Value Proposition

In the video, I discuss how can you design your value propositions to release the [...]

When to Choose an Indirect Channel and When to go Direct?

I the video I discuss the principles for when we can choose the indirect approach [...]

Software Industry Conference 2016

In this industry it is not enough to get the good ideas – you need [...]

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